Wednesday 30 October 2013

Royal Winton Chintz

Vintage Royal Winton Chintz 1930 - 1950

For a great selection of all over floral chintzes visit Premier Antiques

Monday 28 October 2013

Early Blue and White Serving Dishes

John Meir 'Wild Rose' c1830

Rare to find in good condition, most of these lovely shaped dishes were used with dessert services. For a good selection visit my website Premier Antiques

Minton 'Lace Border' c1830

Friday 25 October 2013

Royal Doulton 'Mr Squeers' Dickens Ware Series 'A'

Royal Doulton 'Mr Squeers' Dickens Ware Friar Jug D5175 c1935

A large Royal Doulton Dickens Ware friar jug designed by Charles Noke and depicting Mr Squeers the cruel headmaster from 'Nicholas Nickleby'. For more details see Premier Antiques

Friday 18 October 2013

Royal Winton 'Nantwich' Chintz

Royal Winton 'Nantwich' Chintz Musical Box c1945

A rare Royal Winton 'Nantwich' musical box with original Thorens Swiss movement that plays the delightful 'Faust Waltz'. A beautiful item in excellent condition. For more details see Premier Antiques

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Carlton Ware Pink Buttercup

Carlton Ware pink Buttercup jug c1936

Buttercup which was part of Carlton Ware's embossed floral ranges, was available in two colours, yellow and pink. Both are very collectable, though pink is much rarer. Over thirty different shapes and items have been recorded in yellow, though only about half of these are known in pink. Above is a lovely pink jug and below a little butter pat. For more details and other Carlton Ware visit Premier Antiques

Carlton Ware pink Buttercup c1936

Wemyss Pottery - a brief history

Wemyss Ware 'Black Leghorn Cockerel' Bon Jour Milk Jug c1900

Wemyss Ware was first produced by the Fife Pottery of Kirkcaldy in the 1880s. Pieces were mainly decorated with flowers, fruit, insects, birds and animals, and under chief decorator Karel Nekola, the distinctive Wemyss style developed. After the death of Karel Nekola in 1915, Edwin Sandland was appointed chief decorator and when he died in 1928, Karel's son Joseph Nekola was appointed. The pottery closed in 1930 and Joseph moved to the Bovey Pottery Company of Bovey Tracey in Devon who had bought the Wemyss Ware rights and moulds. For a selection of Wemyss visit Premier Antiques

Wemyss Ware Jazzy 'Cabbage Roses' Jug c1925

Early Blue and White - The Wild Rose Pattern

John Meir Wild Rose serving dish c1830

This lovely series takes its name from the border of wild dog roses. The central scene shows a view of Nuneham House near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, with surrounding parkland designed by Capability Brown. Produced throughout the 19th century by several factories and first introduced around 1825, the earlier wares are finely potted with great clarity of printing. For more details visit Premier Antiques

Monday 14 October 2013

Grimwade's Royal Winton - Lakeland

Grimwades Royal Winton Art Deco 'Lakeland' Toast Rack c1937

A lovely Grimwades 5-bar toast rack in 'Lakeland' - beautifully hand painted in bright colours with lots of detail. For this and a great selection of Royal Winton see Premier Antiques

Opalescent and Vaseline Glass

For a great selection of Victorian vaseline and other opalescent glass visit Premier Antiques

Sunday 13 October 2013

Clarice Cliff Coral Firs

Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Coral Firs' Bonjour Preserve Pot c1933

A superb 'Coral Firs' pattern preserve pot in the classic art deco Bonjour shape introduced in 1933. A lovely landscape design of finely drawn 'bubble' fir trees. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Coral Firs' Bonjour Preserve Pot - reverse

Saturday 12 October 2013

Grimwade's Royal Winton 'Countryside'

Grimwade's Royal Winton 'Countryside' Toast Rack c1934

A rare Grimwades 'Countryside' toast rack with a compartment each end for butter and jam. A charming hand painted series first introduced in the early 1930s. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Hancock's Rubens Ware - 'Pomegranate' by F. X. Abraham

Hancock's Rubens Ware 'Pomegranate' Plate by F. X. Abraham c1930

A lovely Rubens Ware 'Pomegranate' plate, designed by F. X. Abraham, richly painted with fruit on a deep blue and purple background. For more details and other pieces of Hancock visit Premier Antiques

Crown Ducal Blue Chintz

Crown Ducal 'Blue Chintz' cup and saucer c1925

The rich and vibrant colours of this old Richardson's pattern features exotic birds and a profusion of blossom boughs on a dramatic blue background. For a selection of Crown Ducal see Premier Antiques

Crown Ducal 'Blue Chintz' Vase c1925

Thursday 10 October 2013

Victorian Cranberry Glass

The most famous period of cranberry glass production was in the 19th century during the Victorian era. The distinctive colour was produced by adding gold oxide to the molten glass which was then blown into the required shape. For a selection of antique cranberry glass visit Premier Antiques

Royal Winton Shrewsbury Chintz

Royal Winton 'Shrewsbury' Chintz Art Deco Dish c1952

A rare art deco finned dish in the very pretty and scarce 'Shrewsbury' chintz introduced in the early 1950s. Lovely pink and white daisy type flowers with tiny scattered blue forget-me-nots on a creamy background. For more details and a selection of vintage chintz visit Premier Antiques 

Susie Cooper 'Grey Leaf'

Susie Cooper 'Grey Leaf' toast rack c1938

A fine Susie Cooper 'Grey Leaf' toast rack with wells for butter and marmalade at each end. For more details see Premier Antiques

Wednesday 9 October 2013

William Brownfield - Victorian Majolica

William Brownfield Majolica Vase c1880

A fine rustic majolica vase by William Brownfield modelled as an oak tree with twig handles and covered in climbing ivy and sprigs of acorns. For more details Premier Antiques

Royal Crown Derby Imari Patterns

Crown Derby 'Imari Witches' Pattern 6299 Potpourri Vase c1911

Decorated in iron red, cobalt blue and 22 carat gold, for a selection of antique Crown Derby visit Premier Antiques

Crown Derby 'Old Imari Japan' Pattern 1128 Dish c1935

Shorter and Son 'Medina' by Mabel Leigh

Shorter and Son 'Medina' Art Deco Vase by Mabel Leigh c1935

A fantastic Shorter and Son art deco 'Medina' vase with double loop handles. Designed by Mabel Leigh, a talented young artist who worked for Shorter briefly from c1933-35. For more details see Premier Antiques

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Wemyss Ware 'Black Cockerel'

Wemyss Ware 'Black Cockerel' Bon Jour Teapot c1900

A lovely old Wemyss teapot from the Bon Jour range featuring black leghorn cockerels on sponged and painted grass. Red inscription 'Bon Jour' next to the spout. For more details see Premier Antiques

Maling Lustre - Primrose Border

A lovely design of primroses on a background of either pink, blue or green lustre. Here on a large dish which shows the pattern to full effect. For more details see Premier Antiques

Maling Pink Lustre 'Primrose Border' Art Deco Dish c1936

Bizarre by Clarice Cliff - Sungay

Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Sungay' Bon Bon Dish c1933

A lovely little bon bon or trinket dish in Sungay, the rarer green, blue and yellow variant of Gayday. An unusual shape which shows the design to great effect. For more details see Premier Antiques

'Sungay' by Clarice Cliff c1933

Davenport Blue & White - Fisherman Series

Rare Davenport 'Fisherman' Series dish c1820

An early rural series by John Davenport with seven known scenes which all share the same border of chevrons and medallions. The central part of the design shows different ruins and figures (which is where series variations occur) while the surrounding landscape remains the same throughout. Illustrated is a rare and unusual 'well and tree' oval dish. For more details see Premier Antiques

Monday 7 October 2013

Scottish Pottery - Wemyss Ware

Wemyss 'Cherries' Heart Tray c1900

Wemyss Ware was developed in the 1890’s by the Fife Pottery in Kirkcaldy. The owner of the pottery, Robert Heron, employed Karel Nekola, a gifted Bohemian artist, to produce a unique style of painting on the pottery which was soon acclaimed for its decorative qualities and originality. For a selection of original Wemyss see Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton Miniatures - Shakespeare

Royal Doulton Shakespearean Characters 'Portia' Miniature Vase c1915

Introduced in 1912 and withdrawn by 1928, the 'Shakespearean Characters in appropriate settings' series features twelve known characters. Rare to find miniatures are much sought after and most seem to be from the pre 1920s. For a selection of this series visit Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton Shakespearean Characters 'Hamlet' Miniature Jug c1915

Royal Winton Chintz - Florence

Royal Winton 'Florence' Chintz Circular Trinket Box c1953

Pattern number 472, Florence, was introduced by Royal Winton in the early 1950s and is one of the most vibrant produced. Pink and cream carnations draw the eye, and a myriad of smaller flowers shine against the smart black background. Much sought after and a great favourite of mine. Here shown on a rare and large trinket box. For more details see Premier Antiques

Sunday 6 October 2013

Carlton Ware Yellow Buttercup

Carlton Ware Yellow 'Buttercup' Cup and Saucer c1938

A lovely yellow buttercup tea cup and saucer, good colour and in great condition. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton 'Gaffers' D4210

Royal Doulton 'Gaffers' Coaster D4210 - Signed Noke c1930

A rare coaster or miniature plate showing a gaffer standing at his door with a red parcel and brolly. For more details see Premier Antiques

Charlotte Rhead - Manchu

Charlotte Rhead 'Manchu' plaque c1936

First produced in 1936 and shown at the British Industries Fair of that year. A fabulous chinese dragon in green, finished in copper, yellow, red and black and surrounded by cloud scrolls on a mottled green glaze. For more details see Premier Antiques

Maling Primrose Border

1930s Maling wall plaque 'Primrose Border'

The Victoria green lustre background contrasts with the hand enamelled yellow and mauve primroses on this fine wall plaque. The whole effect captures beautifully the vibrant freshness of Spring.

To see more of this and other pieces of Maling, visit my website Premier Antiques

Saturday 5 October 2013

Royal Doulton Charles Crombie Golf Series D3395

Royal Doulton Crombie Golf Rack Plate D3395 c1925

A fine rack plate showing one of eight scenes by Charles Crombie of a golfer choosing a club from a bag held by a caddy, with the title "Every dog has his day, and every man his hour". A rare series produced between 1911 and 1932. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques 

Blue Opalescent 'Hobnail' Glass

Blue Opalescent 'Hobnail' Glass Sugar Bowl c1900

A lovely two handled glass bowl with moulded hobnail decoration. Good colour and opalescence. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Victorian Majolica Bread Platters

Majolica 'Corn on the Cob' Bread Plate c1880

Reminiscent of farmhouse kitchens, scrubbed pine tables and freshly baked loaves, majolica bread platters are a great area for collecting and form a lovely backdrop for other majolica pieces. As a 'one off' kitchen table centrepiece they look stunning too. Sometimes with a 'daily bread' quote round the edge and sometimes with a decorative theme that bears little connection to food, there are many variations. Very difficult to find in perfect condition as they were often in daily use, a few knocks and scrapes can be acceptable. Here are three great examples from my majolica collection at Premier Antiques

Majolica 'Pineapple' Bread Plate c1880

Majolica 'Eat thy Bread with Joy & Thankfulness' Bread Plate c1880 

Friday 4 October 2013

Royal Doulton Isaac Walton Ware 'Gallant Fishers' D2312

Royal Doulton Isaac Walton Ware Sugar Shaker D2312 c1905

A rare sugar shaker with silver plated top depicting three characters from the series. A similar one is illustrated in Volume 5 of Louise Irvine's Series Ware books under 'recent finds'. The series was designed by Charles Noke and pieces often bear his facsimile signature. For more details see Premier Antiques

Special backstamp