Sunday 30 June 2013

Victorian Copper Lustre

Copper lustre goblet c1845

For a great selection of 19th century copper and other lustre wares, visit Premier Antiques

Copper lustre jug c1840

Copper lustre tankard c1840

Saturday 29 June 2013

Shorter and Son Majolica

Shorter & Son butter dish c1930

An unusual Shorter butter dish in the form of a crinoline lady. Difficult to find in good condition. For more details see Premier Antiques

Sunday 23 June 2013

Royal Doulton 'Mr Micawber' Dickens Series 'A' D6327

Royal Doulton 'Mr Micawber' Dickens Series 'A' Tankard c1949

A fine Royal Doulton Dickens 'A' Series tankard designed by Charles Noke and depicting Mr. Micawber from 'David Copperfield'. For more details see Premier Antiques

Saturday 22 June 2013

Royal Winton 'Chrysanthemum' Lustre

Royal Winton 'Chrysanthemum' Wall Plate c1934

A design introduced by Grimwades c1934 featuring hand painted white enamelled blooms with orange centres on a sponged cobalt blue background. Near the top is a gold spider's web which stands out against a paler blue ground. Shown here with stunning effect on this lovely wall plate. For more details see Premier Antiques

Thursday 20 June 2013

Royal Winton Chanticleer or Rooster

Royal Winton 'Chanticleer' Rooster Teapot c1940

Introduced in 1936, the 'Chanticleer' hand painted range was produced in several shapes and colour ways. This lovely pastel teapot is a rare variation which is usually seen in darker primary colours. For more details see Premier Antiques

Clarice Cliff - Bizarre Tulips

Clarice Cliff 'Tulips' Bonjour jampot c1934

A superb example of the garden scene pattern 'Tulips', introduced briefly in 1934. For more details see Premier Antiques

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Susie Cooper - Polka Dot

Susie Cooper 'Polka Dot' trio c1935 

Produced for John Lewis from the 1930s in several colourways, Polka Dot along with several other designs (Exclamation Mark, Scarlet Runner Beans, etc.) allowed the training of paintresses to also produce saleable wares. Here is a fine trio in Blythe blue, For more details see Premier Antiques

Shelley Harmony Drip Ware

Shelley Harmony 926 Conical Vase

Developed by Eric Slater in the early 1930s, Harmony Artware was the name given to a range of simple banded wares. Initially comprising of one or two colour shades in graduated bands, the range was developed further by thinning the colours and allowing them to run and drip. More colour combinations were added, often creating quite stunning effects. See more of my collection at Premier Antiques

Shelley Harmony Toast Rack

Shelley Harmony Drip Ware

Shelley Harmony 'Drip' Ware 983 Vase c1935

Introduced by Eric Slater c1930, here is a superb Harmony 'drip' ware 983 vase. A lovely art deco shape with good colours. For more details see Premier Antiques

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Royal Winton English Rose Chintz

Royal Winton 'English Rose' Chintz Coffee Set on Chrome Stand c1951

A rare coffee set comprising four 'English Rose' coffee cups and saucers on a chrome stand complete with spoons. A pretty chintz from the 1940s and 50s with pale pink roses and paler blue flowers, with green and yellow leaves against a creamy yellow background. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton 'English Rose' coffee cup c1951

Royal Doulton 'Bill Sykes' Dickens Series 'A'

Royal Doulton 'Bill Sykes' Oval Leeds Dish D6327 c1950

A superb Royal Doulton Dickens 'A' Series large oval Leeds dish designed by Charles Noke. Depicting the arch villain Bill Sykes from 'Oliver Twist'. The series was first introduced in 1908. For more details see Premier Antiques

Monday 17 June 2013

Spode - Early Blue & White Floral Sheet Patterns

In the early 1800s Spode developed the sheet pattern. Dense floral designs which were not engraved to specifically fit different objects and so only three or four engravings were needed to produce a whole range of wares. Great skill was required to wrap the items in the pattern which was cut to fit. 'Leaf' was introduced c1800 and its densely packed design creates an overall blue effect. For more details see Premier Antiques

Spode 'Leaf' pattern supper dish c1820

Sunday 16 June 2013

Royal Winton - Richmond Chintz

Royal Winton 'Richmond' chintz coffee cup c1938

A bright 1930s design of yellow daffodils and white narcissi with sprays of bluebells and hyacinths. Scarce to find especially in coffee wares. For more visit Premier Antiques

Friday 14 June 2013

Copeland Green Majolica

Copeland green majolica dish c1860

A good green glazed dish, rare to find in such good order. A large piece with an overlapping vine leaf design. For more details see Premier Antiques

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Shorter and Son - Toast Racks

Shorter 'Wild Rose' toast rack

In the 1920s and 30s Shorter began specialising in breakfast wares - colourful hand painted items to brighten up the breakfast table. Some of their most sought after pieces are toast racks which were produced to enhance the ranges and show many of the designs to full effect. For more Shorter visit Premier Antiques

Shorter 'Bouquet' toast rack

19th Century Majolica

Victorian Majolica was originated by Minton who exhibited it at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Soon other manufacturers in Britain, Europe and the USA began to produce their own ranges of earthenware with moulded surfaces and colourful clear lead glazes. Plates, jugs, teapots, and other articles were moulded with the shapes of wild roses, lily pads and herons, begonia leaves, shells, coral, corn and bamboo stalks, strawberries, ferns and sprays of flowers, borders of basketry and oriental motifs. For a good selection visit Premier Antiques

Monday 10 June 2013

Victorian Staffordshire Relief Moulded 'Hunting' Jug

Staffordshire hunting jug c1860

A colourful hand painted jug with a vine stem handle and grape and vine border with a moulded hunting scene of gunmen, horses and dogs. For more details see Premier Antiques

Sunday 9 June 2013

Early Blue and White - Rogers Zebra Pattern

John Rogers 'Zebra' Pattern Muffin or Tea Plate c1820

A fine Rogers plate printed in medium blue with a wide floral border on a stippled ground which frames a scene of a mounted zebra in an oriental garden with trees and pagodas. Most examples seem to be from the 1810 to 1820 period. For more details see Premier Antiques

Saturday 8 June 2013

'Bamboo and Basket Weave' Majolica

Victorian majolica plate c1870

A superb Victorian majolica plate with a simulated basket weave centre and bamboo rim with overlapping leaves. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton Pastels - Honey or Tiger Lily

Royal Winton cream 'Tiger Lily' jampot c1939

Introduced in the late 1930s and known to many collectors as 'Tiger Lily', the Honey Lily pattern was made in the usual pastel colour ranges of yellow, green and pink. A cream colourway with green and pink borders was also produced and this often seems to be earlier in date. The lily flower is well modelled and beautifully painted. For more Royal Winton pastels visit Premier Antiques

Royal Winton pink 'Tiger Lily' jampot c1945

Friday 7 June 2013

Carlton Ware Yellow Apple Blossom

Carlton Ware Yellow 'Apple Blossom' Cheese Dish and Cover c1938

A classic Carlton Ware design, Apple Blossom was introduced around 1938. Produced in green and yellow, here is a fine example of a cheese dish in yellow. Rare to find in good condition. For more details see Premier Antiques

Carlton Ware Yellow 'Apple Blossom' Cheese Dish and Cover c1938

Royal Worcester Hand Painted Blush Ivory

Royal Worcester Hand Painted Blush Ivory 'Pyrethrum' Vase c1900

A beautiful Royal Worcester two handled vase, hand painted with a spray of cerise and yellow daisy-like pyrethrum flowers and blue forget-me-nots on a blush ivory ground. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Thursday 6 June 2013

Royal Doulton series ware - Romeo and Juliet

Royal Doulton Shakespeare Characters 'Romeo' Series Ware Plate c1922

First introduced in 1912 and withdrawn by 1930, this collectable series features twelve Shakespearean characters in appropriate settings. Here are two fine rack plates of Romeo and Juliet. For more of this series visit Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton Shakespeare Characters 'Juliet' Series Ware Plate c1929

Imperial 'Ripple' Vaseline Glass

Imperial vaseline glass vase c1910

A lovely and scarce Imperial 'Ripple' vaseline glass vase c1910. For more details see Premier Antiques

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Burleigh Ware - Art Deco Tablewares

Burleigh Ware 'Zenith' shape breakfast set c1930

In the 1920s and 30s, Burgess and Leigh produced table ware shapes with stylised floral handles and knobs. Cups and bowls were based on conical forms whilst tureens, plates and saucers became rectangular with rounded corners. The 'Imperial' and 'Zenith' shapes have become classic and much sought after Art Deco items. For more Burleigh Ware see Premier Antiques

Burleigh Ware 'Imperial' shape tureen c1925

Burleigh Ware 'Zenith' shape teapot c1930

Early Blue and White Pottery - Davenport 'Fisherman' Series

Davenport arcaded plate c1815

A superb arcaded dessert plate in Davenport's 'Fisherman' series. Arcading - a type of pierced rim - is usually found on dessert wares. The edge is moulded and pierced to form a series of rounded arches with an inner border of moulded basket weave. For more details see Premier Antiques

Arcaded rim (detail) - Davenport c1815

Davenport arcaded plate c1815 (reverse)

19th Century French Green Glazed Majolica

Rigal and Sanejouand (Clairefontaine) plate c1880

Often mistaken for the impressed Davenport anchor, the firm of Rigal and Sanejouand in Clairefontaine used an anchor mark with 'R' and 'S' and, like Davenport, also produced fine green majolica wares.

Rigal and Sanejouand (Clairefontaine) impressed anchor mark c1880

Another French factory producing quality green glazed majolica wares was Salins of Lorraine. For more green glazed wares visit my website Premier Antiques

Salins green majolica plate c1880

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Antique Opalescent and Vaseline Glass

19th century opalescent glass

Many 19th century glass houses had their own recipes for producing opalescent glass and most included small amounts of uranium which produced the characteristic 'milkiness' when heat was applied. For a good selection see Premier Antiques