Wednesday 27 February 2013

Royal Winton Anemone

Royal Winton Hand Painted 'Anemone' Dish signed Z. Kas c1945

A lovely trefoil shaped dish hand painted and printed with anemones. For more details see Premier Antiques

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Carlton Ware Yellow Foxglove

A classic Carlton Ware Australian Registered design, in the yellow colourway. For more Foxglove items visit Premier Antiques

Carlton Ware Foxglove cruet c1939

Carlton Ware Foxglove toast rack c1939

Royal Winton - Nantwich Chintz

An uncommon pattern first introduced in the late 1930s. A vibrant design of yellow tinged pink roses and carnations with yellow daisies and blue speedwell on a black background. Named after the Cheshire town. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton 'Nantwich' chintz jug c1940

Monday 25 February 2013

Molly Hancock - Corona Ware

A neat pair of Hancock's Corona Ware vases in the 'Cremorne' pattern designed by Molly Hancock. Hand enamelled with bright flower sprays and leaves on a deep blue background. Rare to find such a good pair. For more details see Premier Antiques

Molly Hancock 'Cremorne' vases c1930

Sunday 24 February 2013

Royal Doulton Golf Themes

One of the most collected areas is golf memorabilia and Doulton has produced some great pottery examples over the years. From character jugs and tankards, to the cutest of Barbara Vernon bunnykins. For examples visit my website Premier Antiques

Doulton Bunnykins 'Game of Golf' by Barbara Vernon c1939

Royal Doulton Golfing Tankard after Charles Crombie c1937

Doulton 'Golfer' by David Biggs c1987-91

Victorian Cut Glass Decanters

A superb late Victorian 'shaft and globe' shape decanter. For more details and other cut glass visit Premier Antiques

Shaft and Globe decanter c1880

Thursday 21 February 2013

Royal Winton Marguerite

Royal Winton 'Marguerite' Chintz Cheese Dish c1928

A beautiful Rex shape cheese dish and cover in Marguerite - a stunning piece in great condition. For more details of this and other chintz items see Premier Antiques

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Royal Doulton and Shakespeare

Royal Doulton 'Ophelia' Melbourne Sandwich Tray D3596 c1912

An early rectangular Melbourne shape tray featuring Ophelia from 'Hamlet'. The series was first introduced in 1912 and more shapes and a new background were added in 1914. Production seems to have ceased by the late 1920s. For more details see Premier Antiques

Charlotte Rhead Blue Peony

A rich and vibrant design with Iznic style blue peonies and spiky mauve leaves produced in 1935/36 for A. G. Richardson (Crown Ducal). One of the most colourful designs of this period. For more Charlotte Rhead see Premier Antiques

Charlotte Rhead Blue Peony vase c1935

Charlotte Rhead Blue Peony charger c1935

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Clarice Cliff Bizarre Autumn

A fine Leda butter or jam dish in blue 'Autumn' (sometimes called 'Balloon Trees'). A classic Bizarre landscape pattern which was produced in several colourways from 1931, each named from the colour of the dominant tree. An intricate design of sinuous stemmed trees with balloon shaped foliage and a cottage half-hidden by shrubbery, the outlining is expertly done and the painting always neat. For more details see Premier Antiques

Clarice Cliff Blue Autumn dish c1932

Shelley - Mabel Lucie Attwell

From the 1920s to the 1950s, Shelley produced fine quality nursery ware based on the very popular images of childrens' illustrator Mabel Lucie Attwell. Difficult to find in good condition (many pieces didn't survive the rigours of the nursery) and highly prized when they are. For more see Premier Antiques

Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell c1935

Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell c1930

Monday 18 February 2013

Early Blue and White Pottery - Davenport 'Villagers'

A lovely rural print introduced by Davenport c1820 showing a distant village scene with a family group and dog in the foreground. A border of flowers and scrolls surrounds the scene. For more details see Premier Antiques

Davenport 'Villagers' plate c1820

Sunday 17 February 2013

Royal Winton Beehive

Royal Winton Beehive Sugar Shaker c1939

Introduced by Grimwades in 1936, this lovely embossed design of a domed beehive or skep has hollyhocks in pastel shades and flying bees over the surface. Finials on lids usually consist of a bee with folded wings. Most pieces are relatively rare to find, especially in 'clean', undamaged condition. For more details of this superb sugar shaker and other pieces of Beehive visit Premier Antiques

Royal Winton Lustre Wares

An unusual and stunning pair of Royal Winton lustre 'Oriental Poppy' vases from the 1930s. Vibrant colours and a fantastic art deco shape. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton lustre vases c1939

Fenton Carnival Glass - Holly

An unusual hat shaped bowl in blue 'Holly' - a classic Fenton design and shape. For more details see Premier Antiques

Fenton blue 'Holly' carnival glass

Saturday 16 February 2013

Royal Winton Marion Chintz

Royal Winton 'Marion' Chintz Biscuit Barrel c1951

A lovely Royal Winton chintz in pastel colours with yellow throated white lilies, pink carnations and other flowers in pink, blue and yellow. Here on a splendid biscuit barrel which shows the pattern to full effect. For more details and other chintz pieces see Premier Antiques

Shorter and Son - Fish

Shorter produced some of the classic fish sets of the 1930s, with jugs, plates and tureens all shaped as novelty fish. Perfect for hand painting as variations in colour for these sets is tremendous. Here we have a more unusual and large circular hors d'oeuvre dish, using the same motifs. For more details see Premier Antiques

Shorter & Son fish platter c1939

Gaudy Welsh

A lovely Staffordshire jug painted in 'imari' or 'gaudy welsh' colours of iron red, green and cobalt blue, and then overpainted with purple lustre. For more details see Premier Antiques

Gaudy Welsh jug c1830

Friday 15 February 2013

Early Blue and White - John Rogers

The name of Rogers is synonymous with the early production of quality blue and white. The impressed mark 'ROGERS' was used by John & George Rogers from 1784 to 1814 and then by the succeeding partnership of John Rogers & Son until their closure in 1836. For more details see Premier Antiques

Rogers 'Musketeer' pattern c1820

Rogers 'Zebra' pattern c1820

Antique Cranberry Glass Jug

Cranberry glass jug c1890

A lovely Victorian cranberry jug dating from 1890. For more details and other fine pieces of cranberry visit  Premier Antiques

Thursday 14 February 2013

Carlton Ware Pink Poppy

Carlton Ware Pink 'Poppy' Toast Rack c1939

A pretty Australian Registered Design produced in green and yellow colourways. Here in the rarer pink and yellow toast rack. For more details see Premier Antiques

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Royal Doulton 'Welsh' Series

Royal Doulton 'Welsh' Series Ware Westcott Jug D5914 c1939

An early and very collectable series designed by Charles Noke and first introduced by Royal Doulton around 1906. Featuring seventeen known scenes featuring Welsh women in national dress, here is a fine Westcott shape jug showing three women and a child walking to chapel. For more details see Premier Antiques

Sunday 10 February 2013

Royal Doulton Chop Plates

Introduced in the late 1930s, these large platters differ from wall chargers in that they don't have pierced rims at the back for hanging with a wire. They also tend to be of heavier construction and have a diameter of between 13 to 14 inches. Often showing the main scene of a particular series, they make stunning display items. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton Series Ware 'Treasure Island'

Royal Doulton Series Ware 'Under the Greenwood Tree'

Royal Doulton Series Ware 'Old English Coaching Scenes'

Royal Doulton Series Ware 'Home Waters'

Antique Cranberry Glass

For a great selection of Victorian cranberry glass see my website Premier Antiques

A selection of 19th century Cranberry Glass

Friday 8 February 2013

Art Deco Nude

A fine celadon glazed pottery figure of a female nude c1930. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Thursday 7 February 2013

Shorter and Son - Art Deco shapes

A large and unusual angular jug by Shorter. Rare to find in such good order. For more details see Premier Antiques

Shorter & Son art deco jug c1945

Another unusual art deco shape. This time a matt glazed vase, triangular in shape with embossed leaves and flowers enamelled in pink, mauve and yellow on a turquoise ground. For more details see Premier Antiques

Shorter & Son art deco vase c1935

Royal Winton Petunia

Royal Winton pink Petunia jug

Introduced in the late 1930s, Petunia was made in pink, yellow and mottled pink. A pretty and very collectable design used for table ware, vases and dressing table sets. For a selection visit Premier Antiques

Royal Winton pink Petunia cake plate

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Shelley 'Indian Peony' Lustre

Shelley 'Indian Peony' Lustre Vases c1920

Shelley first reserved the Indian Peony design for Soane and Smith of Oxford Street, London. Introduced around 1918 it uses the print and enamel technique and features black printed leaves and branches with flowers enamelled in bright green. The background has a mother-of-pearl lustre and sets the style for a range of lustre wares produced by Walter Slater in the 1920s. For more details of these superb vases see Premier Antiques

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Royal Winton - Shrewsbury Chintz

One of the prettiest of Winton patterns and rare to find, especially on a wonderful art deco shape like this stunning dish. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton 'Shrewsbury' dish c1952

Royal Winton 'Shrewsbury' c1952