Sunday 30 September 2012

Royal Doulton - Under the Greenwood Tree

Royal Doulton 'Under the Greenwood Tree' Series Leeds Dish c1950

An excellent Royal Doulton Leeds dish from 'Under the Greenwood Tree' series showing Friar Tuck and Robin Hood. For more details see Premier Antiques

Saturday 29 September 2012

Royal Winton Somerset Chintz

Royal Winton 'Somerset' Large Ascot Cake Plate c1945

A lovely fresh looking design introduced in the 1930s. Yellow, blue and pink delphinium sprays on a creamy yellow ground, produced with either gold or blue trim. For a selection of Somerset visit my website Premier Antiques

Royal Winton 'Somerset' Chintz Comport c1936

Friday 28 September 2012

Royal Winton Lustre - Rubay Ware

Royal Winton 'Jazzy Harebells' Rubay Lustre Table Lamp c1955

Grimwades called their deep red lustre 'Rubay Ware' and usually it was only decorated with gold. Here we have a stunning and rare table lamp hand painted with art deco flowers. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton Series Ware - Dutch 'A' Harlem

Royal Doulton 'Dutch A - Harlem' Westcott Jug c1930

A lovely Royal Doulton 'Dutch A - Harlem' series Westcott jug. Designed by Charles Noke and featuring three groups of Dutch characters from the series. For more details see Premier Antiques

Thursday 27 September 2012

Royal Doulton - Home Waters

Royal Doulton 'Home Waters' Series Ware Trinket Dish D6434 c1950

A fine vintage 1950s series designed by W E Grace and featuring fifteen scenes of boats and yachts at harbour. Printed in sepia with colour washes by hand. Marked with a special backstamp and facsimile signature of the designer. For more sailing themes see Premier Antiques

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Carlton Ware - Apples and Pears

Carlton Ware Apple and Pear Dishes c1955

A lovely vintage Carlton Ware boxed set with apple and pear dishes, complete with preserve spoon and butter knife. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton - Scene at Lorne

Royal Doulton 'Scene at Lorne, Victoria' Rack Plate D6310 c1950

A lovely atmospheric view of Louttit Bay in Australia with the seaside town of Lorne on the Great Ocean Road in the distance. A small series consisting of two views produced on rack plates. For more details see Premier Antiques

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Clarice Cliff Rhodanthe

A vibrant freehand design with large marigold type flowers in orange & yellow on sinuous brown stems, painted in the etching style. Introduced in 1934 and subsequently taking over from Crocus as Clarice's best selling design. Here on an 8 inch plate which shows the pattern to full effect. For more details see Premier Antiques

Clarice Cliff 'Rhodanthe' 8" Side Plate c1936

Royal Doulton 'Water Lily'

A stunning Royal Doulton 'Water Lily' wall plaque from the 'flowers on a mottled background' series of hand painted wares. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton 'Water Lily' Wall Plaque D6343 c1950

Monday 24 September 2012

Wedgwood Purple Lustre

Wedgwood Purple Lustre 'Grapevine' Octagonal Jug c1940

A lovely Wedgwood jug hand painted in purple lustre with a vibrant design of grapes and vine leaves. Most of these free hand lustre wares were first developed by Alfred and Louise Powell for Wedgwood in the 1920s and the tradition continued up to the 1960s. For more details see Premier Antiques

Sunday 23 September 2012

Shelley Drip Ware

Shelley Harmony Ware chamber stick c1930

Developed by Eric Slater in the late 1920s, Harmony Ware, or 'drip' ware as it is often called, was produced in a range of striking colours. The enamels were thinned and allowed to drip or run in a skilled process which produced one-off pieces. For my collection of Harmony see Premier Antiques

Shelley Harmony 'Drip' Ware Large Cheese Dish and Cover c1930

Shelley Harmony 'Drip' Ware conical Vase c1930

Royal Doulton - Gondoliers

An early series introduced in 1908, the Whieldon glaze being particularly fine, though it was also produced with standard glazes. Eighteen known views with St. Mark's Basilica and Venice in the distance. For more details of this excellent rack plate visit my website Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton 'Gondoliers' Whieldon Rack Plate c1909

Saturday 22 September 2012

Royal Winton Stratford Chintz

Royal Winton 'Stratford' Chintz Alban Teapot c1953

A gorgeous pattern on a fantastic shape. The Alban shaped tea and coffee pots have Grimwade's patented sliding lids which lock into place when pouring. For more details see Premier Antiques

Friday 21 September 2012

Molly Hancock 'Water Lily'

Hancock's Corona Ware 'Water Lily' Plate by Molly Hancock c1928

A lovely Hancock's 'Water Lily' plate designed by Molly Hancock with vibrant hand painted leaves and flowers on a deep blue background. For more details visit Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton - Famous Sailing Ships

Royal Doulton 'Famous Ships - The Matthew' Rectangular Dish c1938

Seventeen famous sailing ships are represented in this embossed and hand painted series which was introduced in 1938. Specially moulded shapes were used. For more details and other sailing themes see Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton 'Famous Ships - The Victory' Rack Plate c1939

Thursday 20 September 2012

Spode's Indian Sporting Series - Common Wolf Trap

This fine series was introduced by Spode around 1810 and features seventeen adaptations from Samuel Howitt's engravings from 'Indian Field Sports'. Here is a rare dessert plate or twiffler showing the scene of a wolf trap with a lamb suspended over it in a basket. A pot of water drips on to the lamb causing it to bleat and attract wolves which then fall into a hidden pit below. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Spode Indian Sporting Series 'Common Wolf Trap' Dessert Plate c1815

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Royal Winton Pitchers and Jugs

For a good selection see my Royal Winton collections of hand painted and floral wares at Premier Antiques

Early Blue and White - Unusual Items

'Boy on a Swing' Vomit or Spitting Pot c1840

Smaller than childrens' chamber pots, this type with rounded rims are now thought to be vomit or spitting pots. Rare to find, especially in good condition, this one has a charming scene of children featuring a boy on a swing. For more details see Premier Antiques

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Old Gaudy Welsh

Relief Moulded Gaudy Welsh 'Boys Playing' Mask Jug c1840

A super Gaudy Welsh creamer, moulded each side with two boys and a mask forming the spout. An elaborately scrolled handle with scrolls repeated round the rim complete the look of this fantastic little item. For more details see Premier Antiques

Monday 17 September 2012

Doulton Burslem - Flow Blue

Doulton Burslem 'Walmer' Flow Blue Teapot c1895

A superb early Doulton flow blue 'Walmer' pattern teapot printed with a dense pattern of chrysanthemums. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Art Deco - Royal Winton 'Jazz'

Royal Winton 'Jazz' Art Deco Coffee Pot c1934

A fantastic Royal Winton coffee pot with patented sliding lid in the vibrant geometric 'Jazz' pattern. For more details see Premier Antiques

Sunday 16 September 2012

French Majolica - Sarreguemines

Sarreguemines French Majolica 'Pig' Pitcher c1890

A large Sarreguemines character jug modelled as a pig with a hole in the snout for pouring. A classic piece of french pottery. For more details see Premier Antiques

Saturday 15 September 2012

Royal Doulton - Jock of the Bushveld

Royal Doulton 'Jock of the Bushveld' Rack Plate c1935

From the South African stories by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick and drawings by E. Caldwell, this fine rack plate depicts Percy with his dog Jock, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton Countryside

Royal Winton 'Countryside' Double Dish c1936

An early Royal Winton design not seen that often. Here we have a double dish with flowers and grass on a crazing paving background with steps leading up to a gateway which forms the handle. For more details see Premier Antiques

Friday 14 September 2012

Carlton Ware Primula

Carlton Ware Yellow 'Primula' Trio c1939

Introduced by Carlton Ware in the late 1930s, Primula has overlapping leaves and yellow tinged pink flowers. Handles have a moulded flower. Produced in both yellow and green, I love to mix the two colours as they work well together on display. For more Primula see Premier Antiques

Carlton Ware Green 'Primula' Boxed Jam Dish and Spoon c1939

Unusual Majolica Shapes

Holdcroft Majolica 'Horse Chestnut' cup and saucer c1870

Majolica egg cup stand c1880

Wedgwood Majolica sardine dish c1878

For a fine selection of Victorian majolica visit Premier Antiques

Thursday 13 September 2012

Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Series 'A'

Royal Doulton 'Tony Weller' Dickens Ware Vase D2973 c1920

A superb Royal Doulton Dickens Ware vase depicting the coachman Tony Weller from 'Pickwick Papers'. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Royal Doulton and Tennis - The Ace HN3398

Royal Doulton tennis figure 'The Ace'

A dynamic study of a tennis ace poised to make a winning serve, designed by Robert Tabbenor. (Well done, Andy!!). For more details see Premier Antiques

Clarice Cliff Clematis

Clarice Cliff 'Clematis' Dish c1950

A lovely Clarice Cliff fluted dish with two clematis montana flowers hand painted in shades of pink and green. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques