Saturday 30 June 2012

Leeds Pottery 'Long Bridge' Pattern

Leeds Old Pottery 'Long Bridge' pattern Plate c1800

A fine pearlware plate in the early chinoiserie 'Long Bridge' pattern (sometimes called 'Two Man Scroll') by Hartley, Greens and Co. of Leeds. Finely potted with a lovely bluish rippled glaze. For more details see Premier Antiques

Friday 29 June 2012

Shorter and Son - Butter Dishes

Difficult to find in good condition and prone to staining, the art deco period produced some extremely collectible designs. Shorter made some fine hand painted examples to accompany their tableware and salad ranges. Visit the Shorter and Son gallery at Premier Antiques

Shorter & Son 'Crinoline Lady' Butter Dish c1930

Shorter & Son 'Anemone' Butter Dish c1935

Thursday 28 June 2012

Early Blue and White Dinner Plates

Two fine transfer printed plates from the 1820s. Early pieces reflecting the Regency taste for oriental design. For more early plates visit Premier Antiques

Stevenson Ornithological Series 'Peacock' Dinner Plate c1820

Bathwell and Goodfellow 'Basket and Flowers' Dinner Plate c1820

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell

An unusual vintage Mabel Lucie Attwell child's mug designed for Shelley in fine bone china. "Fairies love motoring all about, Two wouldn't keep still - so they fell out!". A boy in his car with Boo Boos heading for fairyland. For more details see Premier Antiques

Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell 'Fairies love motoring' China Mug c1950

Royal Doulton - Wild Rose

Introduced in 1940, 'Roses G' or 'Wild Rose' is a rich hand painted 'impasto' floral design with vibrant colours. Shown to beautiful effect here on a Winchester footed bowl. For a selection of Wild Rose see Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton 'Wild Rose' Winchester Bowl c1945

Monday 25 June 2012

Victorian Pressed Glass - Henry Greener

In 1857 Henry Greener left Sowerby to start production at the Wear Flint Glass Works in Sunderland. Items were produced in both clear and opaque glass, some of the finest being produced in blue opalescence. For more Greener see Premier Antiques

Greener 'Sunderland' pattern Opalescent Glass Flower Basket c1890

Greener 'Sunderland' pattern Opalescent Glass Jug c1890

Sunday 24 June 2012

Royal Winton Chintz - Florence

Introduced by Royal Winton in the early 1950s, this is one of my favourites. Bright pink carnations together with masses of cream, blue and pink flowers form a dense chintz on a smart black background which contrasts beautifully. For more Florence see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton 'Florence' Coffee Cup and Saucer c1953

Royal Winton 'Florence' Cream Jug c1953

Saturday 23 June 2012

Antique Webb's Bronze Glass

A beautiful iridescent glass made by Thomas Webb and exhibited in Paris in 1878. Webb's Bronze was referred to as 'Green Bronze' in their pattern books and earlier pieces sometimes had applied handles, masks, trails and occasionally gilding. Often in a 'Romanesque' style influenced by ancient glass, it was difficult and expensive to produce and hence rare to find these days. Here is a fine vase with applied handles and dimpled body. For more details see Premier Antiques

Thomas Webb 'Bronze' Iridescent Glass Vase c1878

Friday 22 June 2012

Royal Winton Pixie

A classic Winton novelty design introduced in 1936 and painted in three different colourways. They all show a pixie sitting against a wall (or under a tree on plates), set among toadstools and cherry trees. Below is a lovely preserve pot with the pixie in pastel colours of yellow and blue. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton Yellow 'Pixie' Preserve Pot c1950

Maling Springtime Lustre

Introduced by Maling in 1950 and produced until the factory closed in 1963, Springtime is a vibrant design of daffodils, tulips and anemones. Hand painted on either blue, green or pink lustre 'thumbprint' (the pattern books call it 'waved') grounds, it has become the classic Maling pattern. For a selection of Maling lustre see Premier Antiques

Maling Blue Lustre 'Springtime' Dish c1950

Maling Pink Lustre 'Springtime' Biscuit Barrel c1950

Maling Blue Lustre 'Springtime' Jug c1950

Thursday 21 June 2012

Grimwades WW1 Bairnsfather Wares

In 1917 The Bystander magazine gave Grimwades permission to reproduce a limited number of 'Fragments From France' cartoons on items from their range of pottery. Early pieces bear the backstamp “Made by the Girls of Staffordshire during the Winter of 1917 when the boys were in the Trenches fighting for Liberty and Civilisation”. When the war ended in November 1918 this was changed to either “A Souvenir of the Great War” or “A Momento of the Great War”, with the dates of commencement, Armistice and the Signing of Peace underneath. For a selection of Bruce Bairnsfather Wares visit my website Premier Antiques

Grimwade's Bruce Bairnsfather Ware Tea Plate c1920

Grimwade's Bruce Bairnsfather Wall Plaque c1920

Royal Doulton Series Ware - The Quorn Hunt

The 'Quorn Hunt' was first produced by Doulton in 1924 and withdrawn by 1939. This rare oatmeal bowl depicts two huntsmen being served refreshments. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton 'Quorn Hunt' Oatmeal Bowl c1930

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Carlton Ware Mushroom Cruets

A vintage Carlton Ware cruet in the form of a large mushroom stand with three small mushrooms for salt, mustard and pepper. For more details see Premier Antiques

Vintage Carlton Ware 'Mushroom' Cruet c1960

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Early Blue and White - John Rogers Athens Series

A lovely series by John Rogers with various scenes of classical ruins representing stylised views of old Athens. Printed in medium blue and framed by a border of flowers and scrolls with printed beading round the edge. Often produced on delicate and finely potted dessert wares. For more details see Premier Antiques

John Rogers 'Athens' Series Dessert Dish c1830

John Rogers 'Athens' Series Dessert Dish c1830 - detail

Carlton Ware - Cherry Design

A vibrant Australian registered design produced from about 1939 to 1950. Colourful purple and red cherries on both green and yellow grounds. Not seen that often and difficult to find in good condition. For more details see Premier Antiques

Carlton Ware Green 'Cherry' Cocoa Mug c1939

Carlton Ware Green 'Cherry' Preserve Dish and Spoon c1939

Monday 18 June 2012

Clarice Cliff Original Bizarre

Produced in the first six months or so of Clarice Cliff's original designs here is a lovely little sugar bowl with simple red, blue and purple triangles outlined in green. For more details see Premier Antiques

Clarice Cliff Original Bizarre Geometric Sugar Bowl c1928

Sunday 17 June 2012

Fantasque by Clarice Cliff

Used for a range within the Bizarre group, 'Fantasque' made designs available to more stockists as Bizarre had originally been offered on an exclusive basis. Used from late 1928 to 1934, often colour variations were produced to distinguish the two. The pastel design 'Rudyard' below is most often seen with the Fantasque mark, whereas the orange, yellow and black counterpart 'Honolulu' is most often seen with the Bizarre mark. Not a hard and fast rule however, as marks could be wrongly applied because of rushed orders, etc. To see more of this lovely 'Rudyard' cocoa mug visit Premier Antiques

Clarice Cliff Fantasque 'Rudyard' Cocoa Mug c1933

Shelley Harmony 'Drip' Ware

Introduced by art director Walter Slater, the Harmony range with its 'freely painted' style, where colours were allowed to run and drip, could produce striking one off art wares. Below is a lovely powder box, rarely seen. For more details see Premier Antiques

Shelley Harmony Ware Powder Bowl and Cover c1930

Saturday 16 June 2012

Rare Crown Devon Art Deco Golf Cruet

Here we have a rare and unusual hand painted Crown Devon cruet modelled as a golfer at the 18th hole. Seldom seen, especially in such good condition. For more details visit Premier Antiques

Crown Devon Art Deco Golf Cruet c1935

Spode's Castle Pattern

A fine pattern by Spode introduced around 1810. Based on the Merigot engraving 'Gate of Sebastion' and always printed in a soft blue. Here we have a lovely shell shaped dessert dish in great condition. For more details see Premier Antiques

Spode 'Castle' Pattern Serving Dish c1820

Friday 15 June 2012

Early Clarice Cliff - Original Bizarre

First Clarice Cliff 'Bizarre' mark - hand painted 1928

Used briefly from July to October 1928, the first 'Bizarre' mark was hand painted and nearly always seen with the Newport Pottery backstamp. Interestingly, the Clarice Cliff name wasn't added to these early wares. As sales increased and the range grew, various lithographed and stamped 'Bizarre by Clarice Cliff' marks were used. Below is a fine coffee pot from those early days. For more details see Premier Antiques

Clarice Cliff Original Bizarre Tankard Coffee Pot 1928

Royal Winton Chintz - Nantwich

Introduced by Royal Winton in the late 1930s and named after a town in Cheshire, Nantwich is a vibrant design of pink roses and carnations with yellow coreopsis and blue speedwell - a striking combination on a black background. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton 'Nantwich' Chintz Shell Shaped Dish c1940

Royal Winton 'Nantwich' Chintz Comport c1939

Thursday 14 June 2012

Royal Doulton Art Nouveau Moustache Cup

A lovely Royal Doulton bone china moustache cup and saucer in the 'Paris' pattern - an art nouveau design of scrolling leaves and flowers. Rare to find good quality named pieces like this. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Doulton Moustache Cup and Saucer c1912

Early Blue and White - Davenport 'Gothic Ruins'

A rare warming dish by John Davenport in the 'Gothic Ruins' pattern. Printed in medium blue - a rustic scene with gothic ruins and framed by a border of flowers and leaves on a stippled ground. For more details see Premier Antiques

John Davenport 'Gothic Ruins' warming dish c1820

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Early Ironstone China

Once Mason's had patented their ironstone china in 1813, several other Staffordshire potters began producing their own versions a few years later. Here is an early 'imari' pattern ironstone jug with a snake handle. Impressed with the mark 'Ironstone China'. For more details see Premier Antiques

Staffordshire Ironstone China Snake Handled 'Hydra' Jug c1825

Antique Opalescent Glass

Opalescent glass is a general term for clear or coloured glass with a milky white opaque or translucent effect often to the raised parts of the glass item. Lalique, Sabino and Joblings are all well known for their opalescent art deco glass, though production had started in the 1870s by some of the Stourbridge glass houses when heat reactive chemicals were added to the mix. For a selection visit Premier Antiques

Richardson's Opalescent vaseline glass dish c1880

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Royal Winton - Art Deco 'Chimneys'

'Chimneys' was introduced by Grimwades briefly in the early 1930s and is one of the rarest designs produced in this period. A mixture of printing, sponging and enamelling to form a striking geometric pattern using bold blocks of colour. Marketed as part of a 'Handcraft' range. Here the design is shown to stunning effect on this large cake plate. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton Handcraft 'Chimneys' Art Deco Cake Plate c1932

Carlton Ware Posy Vases

A pretty 1930s Carlton Ware posy vase in the form of a trumpet lily and bud. Green at the base, in this one the flower gradually emerges pink. Yellow versions were also produced, though they are all difficult to find in good condition. For more details see Premier Antiques

Carlton Ware Pink 'Lily' Art Deco Posy Vase c1935