Thursday 27 February 2014

Royal Winton Floral Chintz

Vintage Royal Winton florals

For a good selection of original vintage chintz, why not visit my website Premier Antiques

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Crown Staffordshire - Shylock

An unusual Crown Staffordshire bone china figure of 'Shylock' from Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice'. Hand painted in blue, orange and cerise enamels - a rare art deco figure. For more details visit Premier Antiques

Crown Staffordshire 'Shylock' Figure c1930

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Shelley Pottery 'Cloisello' Ware

Shelley Pottery 'Cloisello' Ware Blue and White Jug c1915

A lovely one pint size jug in excellent condition. Introduced by Shelley in the early 1900s. For more details see Premier Antiques 

Monday 24 February 2014

Wedgwood Ferrara

A large blue and white Ferrara jug by Wedgwood and dated 1909. For more Blue and White visit Premier Antiques

Wedgwood 'Ferrara' jug c1909

Sunday 23 February 2014

Vintage Royal Winton Chintz

A selection of Royal Winton chintz from Premier Antiques

Royal Winton - Julia

One of the prettiest and most vibrant of the chintzes, Julia was introduced in the 1930s. Pink tea roses with a profusion of other cerise, blue and yellow flowers, it's one of the classic Royal Winton patterns. For more visit Premier Antiques 

Antique Victorian Cranberry Glass

Six Antique Victorian Cranberry Wine Glasses c1880

A fine set of six antique Victorian cranberry wine glasses. For more details see Premier Antiques 

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Carlton Ware Pink Buttercup

Carlton Ware Pink 'Buttercup' Plate c1936

A lovely pink buttercup plate in excellent condition; not even crazed. Vibrantly painted, the pink is exceptionally good. For more details see Premier Antiques

Maling Art Nouveau 'Florian' Pattern

Maling Pottery Art Nouveau 'Florian' Pattern Vase c1929

A lovely art nouveau trumpet vase in the rare Maling 'Florian' pattern produced briefly in 1929/30. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Sunday 16 February 2014

Royal Doulton 'Mr Pickwick' Dickens Series 'A'

Royal Doulton 'Mr Pickwick' Dickens Series 'A' Milk Jug D2973 c1910

An early Royal Doulton Friar milk jug from the Dickens Ware series designed by Charles Noke and depicting Mr Pickwick. For more details see Premier Antiques

Saturday 15 February 2014

Friday 14 February 2014

Spode 'Caramanian' Series 'Necropolis of Cacamo'

Spode 'Caramanian' Series 'Necropolis of Cacamo' Plate c1810

A lovely Spode twiffler or dessert plate from the Caramanian series depicting the 'Necropolis or Cemetery of Cacamo' (from engravings taken from Mayer's Views in Asia Minor published between 1801 and 1804). The border has exotic plants and animals including elephants and rhino. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton 'Joyce-Lynn' Chintz

Royal Winton 'Joyce-Lynn' Chintz Alban Shape Cream Jug c1945

A vibrant design with cerise anemones, blue gentians and yellow coreopsis set against a dense background of green leaves shown to great effect on this lovely cream jug. For more details see Premier Antiques

Thursday 13 February 2014

Burleigh Ware Parrot Jug

Burleigh Ware Parrot jug c1930

In the 1930s Burgess & Leigh's Burleigh Ware ranges were very popular as they captured the Art Deco spirit of novelty and fun. They offered brightly coloured, bold and attractively shaped designs. Still very popular today, and among the most recognisable designs are the jugs, produced in a range of colours, and designs with animal, bird and various character handles. Here is a fine Parrot handled jug in strikingly fresh colours. For more details visit Premier Antiques

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Royal Doulton 'Barnaby Rudge' Dickens Ware Series

Royal Doulton 'Barnaby Rudge' Dickens Ware Side Plate D5175 c1935

A good 1930s Royal Doulton Dickens Ware side plate designed by Charles Noke and depicting Barnaby Rudge. For more information see Premier Antiques

Hancock's Ivory Ware

Hancock's Ivory Ware chamber stick c1930

An unusual find is this lovely little hand painted chamber stick. With a bold floral design and in excellent condition, it's a real gem. For details and more Ivory Ware visit Premier Antiques

Minton Majolica

Minton Majolica Aesthetic Movement Asparagus Cradle c1871

A rare Minton majolica asparagus cradle modelled as a bundle of asparagus fixed to an aesthetic movement base. For more details visit Premier Antiques

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Early blue and white - Spode's Woodman pattern

Spode 'Woodman' PearlwareTea Cup and Saucer c1815

A very fine Spode tea cup and saucer printed in medium blue with the 'Woodman' pattern introduced around 1814 and based on an engraving by Francis Eginton published in 1807. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Spode 'Woodman' PearlwareTea Cup and Saucer c1815

Carlton Ware Yellow 'Buttercup'

Carlton Ware 'Buttercup' Boxed Gift Set c1939

A lovely butter dish and knife with original box. For more details and other Buttercup items visit Premier Antiques

Monday 10 February 2014

Bizarre by Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff Bizarre Wares c1928-34

For a good selection of original Clarice Cliff Bizarre and Fantasque, visit my website Premier Antiques

Grimwades - Bruce Bairnsfather

Grimwades Bairnsfather Ware bowl c1920

One of my favourite Bairnsfather WW1 cartoons is 'Coiffure in the Trenches' and here is an unusual bowl in great condition. For more Bairnsfather Wares visit Premier Antiques

Sunday 9 February 2014

Royal Winton Hazel

One of the most collected of Winton chintzes, Hazel is a striking pattern where the clear crisp colours are enhanced by the black ground. Introduced in the early 1930s, bright pink roses are the main flower which form the floral motif. For more examples visit Premier Antiques

Royal Winton 'Hazel' hors d'oeuvre dish

Royal Winton 'Hazel' hot chocolate mug and lid/coaster

Royal Winton 'Hazel' tazza

Grainger Worcester Porcelain

Grainger Worcester c1897

Thomas Grainger (1783-1839), an apprentice at Robert Chamberlain's Worcester factory, left to establish a rival porcelain company in 1801. In 1839 Thomas Grainger died and his son George took over the company and continued the production of fine ornamental wares. Following the death of George Grainger in 1889 the factory was sold to Royal Worcester who continued production on the site until finally closing the works in 1902. During the 1890s the Grainger factory specialised in quality items for display, producing ivory porcelain in a similar style to Royal Worcester. Here is a fine pair of trumpet lily vases. For more details see Premier Antiques

Grainger Worcester mark with date code 'G' for 1897

Saturday 8 February 2014

Shelley Vogue

In 1931 Shelley briefly introduced a Vogue drinks set to augment the range. A large Vogue shaped serving jug was designed and four special patterns were produced. Here is a rare jug enamelled with stylised apples and a smart orange and green trim. For more details of this art deco classic see Premier Antiques

Shelley Vogue 'Apples' Serving Jug c1931

Don Pottery - Named Italian Views

A lovely Don Pottery series of views of the 'Two Sicilies' - the island itself and the area around Naples and Vesuvius on the mainland. The views of ancient buildings and monuments each bear a title in script and the border has a distinctive pair of putti emerging from ornate flowers on a stippled ground. Featured is a fine plate with a view of the 'Monastery at Tre Castagne'. For more details see my website Premier Antiques

Don Pottery 'Named Italian Views' Series Pearlware Plate c1820

Friday 7 February 2014

Carlton Ware Yellow Primula

Carlton Ware Primula trio c1939

A fine Carlton Ware yellow primula trio, difficult to find these days in such excellent condition. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Mason's Patent Ironstone China

Mason's Patent Ironstone China 'Japan Basket' Jug c1830

A lovely jug with crabstock handle and a plate bearing the London retailer's mark. Two fine pieces of early Mason's from a good selection at Premier Antiques

Mason's Patent Ironstone China 'Tree Peony' Dinner Plate c1830

Thursday 6 February 2014

Webb's Satin Glass

Thomas Webb Cased Blue Satin Glass Vase c1880

A lovely 19th century Webb's Satin glass vase, cased blue over white with 'quilted' diamond air traps and a final casing of crystal. For more details see Premier Antiques

Royal Winton 'Sweet Pea' Chintz

Grimwades Royal Winton 'Sweet Pea' Chintz Tazza c1936

A lovely little Royal Winton 'Sweet Pea' tazza in excellent condition. For more details and more pieces of sweet pea visit Premier Antiques

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Gibson's Art Deco

Gibson's art deco dish and spoons c1935

An unusual Gibson's hand painted double jam dish with two matching spoons. A rare find and very pretty. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Early Blue and White - Spode's Union Wreath

Spode 'Union Wreath' Cream Jug c1830

Introduced in 1825 this lovely floral design with small sprays of roses, shamrocks and thistles is found on bone china and felspar tea and coffee wares. Here is a fine cream jug with a beautiful looped 'swan neck' handle. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Monday 3 February 2014

Wemyss Ware Pen Trays

Wemyss Ware 'Cabbage Roses' Pen Tray c1900

Rare shapes to find, here are two lovely Wemyss pen trays. For more details and a selection of old Wemyss Ware visit my website Premier Antiques

Wemyss Ware 'Black Leghorn Cockerel and Hens' Pen Tray c1900

Victorian Parian Ware

19th century Parian Ware

For a fine selection of antique Parian from Copeland, Goss, Minton and Robinson and Leadbeater visit Premier Antiques

Sunday 2 February 2014

Royal Winton English Rose Chintz

Royal Winton Chintz 'English Rose' Art Deco Dish c1940

A pretty chintz from the 1940s and 50s with pink roses and other flowers against a creamy yellow background. Here shown to great effect on a Humber shape dish with scrolled handles and edges. For more details visit Premier Antiques