Thursday, 12 April 2012

Early Mason's Patent Ironstone China

In July 1813 Charles James Mason, the third son of Miles Mason, took out his famous patent for 'Ironstone China'. Production had begun at the old Minerva Works in Lane Delph a month or so before the patent was published and wares from this period have impressed 'Mason's Patent Ironstone China' either in one line or split into two. By 1830 the more familiar printed crown marks were being used. Occasionally pieces from this period can be found with both the impressed and printed marks. (Other firms soon began producing their own versions of Ironstone China and these often have similar impressed marks, but only Mason's used the word 'Patent'). For more Mason's Ironstone visit Premier Antiques

Mason's Patent Ironstone China plate c1815

Mason's Patent Ironstone China hydra jug c1820

Mason's Patent Ironstone China soup plate c1835

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