Friday, 1 March 2013

Hilditch and Son

A short lived (1822-1830) and purely Georgian manufacturer of earthenwares and porcelain at Lane End in North Staffordshire. Most designs were printed often in underglaze blue, or in sepia with on glaze enamelled colours ('clobbering'). Fine quality porcelain tea wares were a speciality and reflect the chinoiserie taste of the time. The 'H&S' mark in various forms is relatively scarce, though for years many unmarked and mainly clobbered tea cups, milk jugs etc have been attributed to Hilditch. Most of these pieces appear to be of inferior quality (often 'gritty'), less translucent and often lack the charm of true Hilditch patterns. My general feeling is they're either not Hilditch (the style became popular throughout the Victorian period for everyday tea wares, as colourful clobbered sets could be inexpensively produced), or they were made towards the end when the factory was struggling to survive. Of course not every piece of a set was always marked, so this should also be taken into account. For more details visit my website Premier Antiques

Hilditch & Son 'Eskimo Child' c1825

Hilditch & Son porcelain c1825

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