Saturday, 6 January 2018

Royal Worcester 'Hadley Roses'

Royal Worcester Hand Painted 'Hadley Roses' Pierced Vase c1910

In 1902 a court ruling in favour of Royal Worcester stated that the Hadley factory had to clearly distinguish their goods from those of the plaintiffs. Hadley began using a new mark with a ribbon enclosing the words 'Worcester, England' and after James Hadley's death in 1905 Royal Worcester purchased the factory. Until 1906, Worcester continued to produce wares at the Hadley works using the Royal Worcester mark with the additional word Hadleyware. In 1906 the workforce, moulds and designs were moved to the main Royal Worcester site where production of Hadley's designs continued and the letter H was added to the shape design number. For more information on this beautiful 'Hadley Roses' vase see Premier Antiques

Royal Worcester 'Hadley Ware' mark c1910

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